Sorry We’re Closed

with only a few days of freedom left, Michelle spends them searching for answers. Why has a dangerous and powerful demon placed a curse on her? And what can she do to save her own precious skin?

Wishlist Sorry We're Closed on Steam
Michelle with her demon gun

Dive into the local incidents of Michelle’s bustling home turf.

Get involved in the lives of the curious residents and mysterious demons in the area. Help (or hinder!) them in pursuit of freedom from your untimely demise.

Choose who to talk to and where to visit next. With a range of dialogue options, learn more about the newly revealed world around you and forge your future to come.

Go deeper into the demon world. Michelle might not be scared, but she’s still vulnerable.

Thanks for checking us out! We are a team of two and Sorry We’re Closed is our debut indie game.

C.B. does the cool art and models and music and creates amazing stories and worlds to explore

tom does the code, some dialogue and will try to add dogs and frogs and sometimes spooky stuff

If you wanna see updates on the game we will be posting bits on twitter @alamodegames

p.s. we made a little game called Wave_Machine in two weeks for MechJam 2021. It is free if you wanna check it out, you get to save animals on exotic islands as a fancy robot.

p.p.s we entered MechJam2 and made Love & Fighting! Roam the town as a transforming mech taxi hybrid in our silly crazy taxi inspired jam entry.